How Clean Is Your Mirror?


One Saturday, as I was running late for a district ladies meeting, I took one last glance with my hand mirror at the back of my hair to make sure all was in place.  As I did, I thought to myself, “Hmm…my hair seems to be a few shades lighter than it was last week.”  Now, that in itself was a slightly annoying thought because I have always envied those with dark, shiny hair.  And although my hair has vacillated along the spectrum of brown throughout my life in direct relation to the amount of time spent in the sun, I have spent the last 20 years in colder climates gleefully observing it getting darker.  Well, I am slightly embarrassed to admit that about the time the previous thought passed through my mind another followed close on its heels.  I remembered that I had cleaned the hand mirror the day before.  My hair had not changed, but my vision had cleared up considerably.

Later in the day, as I sat pondering this amusing episode, I thought how much we resemble that hand mirror.  We view everything through either the clear view of God’s Word or through the clouded view of man’s philosophy.  As Christians we must hold up every thought, action, belief, and opinion to the clear reflection of God’s Word.  Our view cannot be clouded over by a film of worldly philosophy, current culture, church culture, a seared conscience, or an inaccurate, watered-down version of the Bible.  God is the ultimate Authority on what is good, pure, and clean and what is evil, impure, and filthy.  We need to take time every day to clean our mirrors through prayer and the Word, conscientiously washing away the film of worldliness so the enemy will not be able to confuse us with blurry vision.  Now, where did I put that Windex?


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