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End of the Trail- Vickie McDonough


In 1886, Brooks Morgan was a spoiled and coddled teenager.  After a run-in with his father, he kicked Jester’s side and galloped off the ranch.  Working his way from one job to another, 1896 found him caught in a thunderstorm in Shoofly, Texas.  Taking refuge in a cafe, Brooks meets a fascinating stranger.  Will Langston is a dying man whose only family, the niece he raised for his sister, is away at finishing school.  Will hires Brooks to take care of him and, unknown to Brooks, arranges for him to “win” Will’s ranch in a poker game.  The only catch is that Brooks must agree to take care of Keri.  Thinking that Keri must be Will’s dog, Brooks readily agrees.

Keri Langston hates her life at finishing school in Georgia and wants only to return to her ranch in Texas and live happily-ever-after with her uncle.  When she arrives back in Texas, perplexed that her uncle wasn’t at the train station to meet her, she heads over to the cafe to wait for him and learns from an old friend about her uncle’s death.

When Keri arrives at “her” ranch and discovers a new owner, sparks fly!  As Keri and Brooks learn to work together to save the ranch, they must fight outlaws, murderers, and the truth about each of their pasts.

End of the Trail is a delightful excuse to escape into the Wild West for a break from the Concrete Jungle.