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The Irish Healer – Nancy Herriman


Irish Healer.  Rachel Dunne has been accused of murder.  With no option but to move away in order to protect her family’s reputation, she travels to England with the promise of a temporary position helping a retiring doctor pack up his library. Determined to find a respectable teaching position and have nothing more to do with medicine, Rachel finds herself unable to resist helping people in need no matter how much she tries to distance herself.

English Doctor.  James Edmunds has lost his wife to death and his young daughter to a better life with his widowed sister. With no option after the death of his father but to fulfill a promise to raise his daughter on the family farm, he makes plans to retire from medicine and live a quiet life as a farmer. Determined to learn how to be a father and to protect himself from close relationships, Dr. Edmunds finds himself unable to resist the beautiful Rachel Dunne.

Victorian England, rules of society, secrets, and cholera- all combine to capture the reader’s imagination in The Irish Healer by Nancy Herriman. A good summer vacation read!

I received a free copy of this book from the publisher and was not required to write a positive review.