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The Guest Book- Marybeth Whalen


Take a trip to the beach with Macy, Brenda, Max, and Emma and ride the waves of discovery!  Macy is a young woman trying to move past the pain of her father’s death while raising her young daughter Emma alone.  During dinner with her mother, Brenda, and brother, Max, on what would have been her father’s birthday, her mother astounds the rest of the family by announcing a trip to the beach and cottage where the family had spent every summer while her dad was alive.  As a young child, Macy had been too young to write in the guest book; so her dad encouraged her to draw a picture.  The next year, to her surprise, another picture had been drawn for her and signed, “The Artist.”  Over the years, Macy and the Artist exchanged pictures by way of the guest book in the cottage.  On this anniversary trip Macy is determined to find the Artist.  On the first night at the cottage, she prays for God to bring someone special into her life- to help her find the Artist.  Over the next several days, three men come into her life- each one having artistic ability and very interested in her, but which one is the ONE?

The Guest Book is an easy summer vacation quick read.  Not the book that will change your life, but definitely a book that will give you a lunch-break escape from the daily grind.

I received a free copy of this book for review purposes and am not required to write a positive review.