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The Next Target – Nikki Arana


This is my first review for a pre-published book, and I’m really excited to get to be in on the “before” action.

In recent weeks, I have spent good, hard-earned money on some books that were quite simply a waste of time and money due to a combination of poor editing and grammar and predictable story lines.  The Next Target by new-to-me author Nikki Arana (due to be published on June 1) was an immediate hit!  The characters are not stilted or in the least bit cliche-ish, and the plot is entirely new territory for the Christian fiction market.  Austia is a young American widow of a Muslim Background Believer struggling to love those she has been called to serve- the Muslim community in her small town in California.  Austia and her friend Annie operate the Career Center, teaching English classes and helping new immigrants find jobs.  Soon, Austia finds herself in the crosshairs of the radical Muslim leaders as she attempts to find safe houses for Muslim women who have converted to Christianity.  Who can she really trust?  Is Zaki, her new interpreter, a spy for the terrorist cell?  Can she trust David, her brother’s friend who seems to be exactly the answer she has been praying for?  The Next Target will surprise you up to the very last page.

David C Cook includes a really neat feature at the end of its books called, “After Words…a little more…,” where the author gives some background info on the book.  I especially enjoyed reading Nikki’s passion for the Muslim-American community here in America.  Her suggestions for befriending Muslim-Americans can be just as valid for befriending anyone of a different religion or culture from your own.

Now for the not so nice part- 2 spelling errors: p391 “lead” should be “led” and p357 “shutter” should be “shudder.”

A great read – well worth the time investment and the dollars.