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What Not to Say – John Holbert, Alyce McKenzie


What Not to Say- Avoiding the Common Mistakes That Can Sink Your Sermon is an aptly titled handbook for seminary students just beginning their public speaking career or veteran ministers looking to brush up on their public speaking skills.  John Holbert and Alyce McKenzie are both ordained elders in the United Methodist Church, and at times their doctrinal beliefs about the relativity of the Bible and certain lifestyles cloud the point.  Overall, this book is a good idea and is without doubt a great tool for the seminary classes the authors are involved with; however, it did not quite meet the goal I was hoping for as a training tool in my local situation.  Although I have no problem “eating the meat and spitting out the bones” in any training material, I found the presentation dry and a “textbook” read; whereas I am convinced this could have been a fantastic book if presented in a fresher manner.