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Soup of the Day- Williams Sonoma


365 days.  365 different soup recipes.  What’s not to love?  Organized in calendar format, the recipes make use of easy to find, seasonal ingredients.  I am trying to convince my family to take a 365 day soup challenge.  Okay, so maybe we would get tired of soup for dinner every day for a year, but so far all the recipes I’ve tried out on them have been keepers.  So far, our favorites are the Coconut Broth with Udon Noodles and Shrimp (I substituted chicken since we had shrimp the day before) and the Lobster and Sweet Corn Chowder (I substituted shrimp for convenience but will definitely try again with lobster).

I like recipe books, but only one other time have I found one that I like so much I would purchase as gifts for my friends.  This is definitely a recipe book that I highly recommend for your kitchen.  There are some recipe books that you have on your shelf to make guests think are a serious chef; there are some recipe books that you actually use on a regular basis.  This one will both impress your guests and be a regular go-to resource for delicious additions to your entertaining meals and hearty one-pot meals for your family.